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City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

(712) 580-7200 ext. 228

Plumbing Installation Application

Application is hereby made for plumbing construction or reconstruction.   Application for Plumbing Installation permit must be made and the permit issued prior to starting work.

The Applicant is the Property Owner and the property is the PRIMARY residence of the applicant.

Property Owner

Address of Proposed Installation

    Type of Building

    Will a connection be made to a public sanitary sewer?

    Will a connection be made to a storm sewer?

    Will a connection be made to a private disposal system?

    Plans and specifications may be required by the Building Official. 

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    Fee Amount: $20

    Balance of Permit Fee will be calculated upon project completion and final inspection.  

    It is hereby agreed that all work will be done in a workmanlike manner, with the rights of the public safeguarded and all plumbing installed, constructed or replaced shall be in accordance with the specifications as to labor methods and materials used as permitted and required by the State of Iowa Plumbing Code and amendments thereto and to the City Code of Spencer, Iowa.  Further, that the City of Spencer, Iowa is to be saved harmless from all expenses or cost in connection therewith and from all damages, law suits, attorney's fees, costs or charges that may accrue on account of said work.  I further agree to notify the plumbing inspector of completed plumbing as required by City Code.

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    Invoice Code: PLMBP