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City of Spencer

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City of Spencer Renaissance Initiative Application

Applications may only be submitted electronically using this application form.  Attachments are allowed, so please attach any supporting documentation to this application.  

You will be signing your application electronically.

Please provide only relevant information for the current application.  Past awards and projects have no bearing on this application.

Keep in mind that the application will be judged on completeness and the extent to which it meets  the grant guidelines below.

Renaissance Initiative Grant Application Guidelines:

  1. Completeness of the application and degree to which the grant criteria is addressed will be a top priority.

  1. Spencer based non-profit organizations/agencies and/or 501(C)(3) and/or community-based organizations are eligible to apply for funding.  Non-profit organizations not based in Spencer may be considered for funding of a Spencer based project.  Churches and church related organizations, governmental agencies, political subdivisions and for-profit organizations are not eligible to apply.  Affiliated non-profit organizations in Spencer that support political subdivisions and/or government agencies falling under charitable organization guidelines may also qualify.

  1. An itemized project specific budget is required for the proposed activity or project for which funds are requested.  This is NOT the organizational operating budget.

  1. The selection committee reserves the right to adjust funding requests.

5.    Eligible activities include:

  • Unique projects or innovative programs, which are not possible within the parameters of an organization’s annual budget, and that benefit or serve the general public or a large segment of the population or contribute to the quality of life for Spencer residents.  

  • Creative and bold proposals will be highly valued by the Committee.   

  • Infrastructure projects including equipment purchases not possible within the constraints of the organization’s budget but are critical to the organization’s mission.  

  • In the spirit of the Renaissance Initiative program, the Committee will use discretion, if necessary, to further determine activity eligibility.

6.    Non-eligible activities include:

  • on-going operational expenses (salaries, operating supplies, occupancy costs, etc.),

  • Consumables (paper products, food, art supplies, prizes, etc).

  • staffing needs,

  • sustaining programs after start-up funds are provided,

  • and project expenses that have been expended prior to an award of a Renaissance Grant.

7.    The Committee requires grant recipients to recognize Spencer’s Renaissance

Initiative Grant program in an appropriate manner when possible (for example: organizational brochure, newsletters, annual meeting recognition, media coverage, event programs etc.)

8.    In making the awards, the committee shall take into consideration the following     


  • evidence of need: build a compelling case for needed grant funding, indicating the degree to which this project could not be accomplished without this funding;

  • identify goals and objectives of the proposed project;

  • expected outcomes of the activity and the lasting impact on the community;

  • sources of funding or support available to the proposed project or activity;

  • capability of the organization to manage the funds and successfully complete the project;

  • the degree to which this award will leverage existing organizational funds or accesses support from other sources.

9.    The Committee requires of all grantees, a follow-up report at the project’s

conclusion.  Items to be addressed in your report include:

  • accountability of funds spent;

  • the project’s outcome (did your project meet its stated goals and objectives, and how?);

  • project lasting impact on the community.

  • Any additional information you find useful or interesting about your project.

Funding requests and project outcome reports must be received from grantees within 12 months of City Council approval. Grantees may file a written request for an additional 12 months that will be considered by the RI committee if more time is needed to complete the project. After 24 months, non-distributed funds will be reverted back to the Renaissance Initiative Grant Funding Account.

Applicant should submit one original application, no later than 4:00 p.m. on September 30 (First Round) or March 30 (Second Round).  

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Weuve at

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I have read the Grant Guidelines as outlined above.
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